Trial Integrity

The most important aspect of trying to find lost to follow up participants in any study is to maximize the integrity of the clinic trials through collecting the maximum amount of data. With our services, the issue of missing data can be greatly reduced and in many cases completely eliminated.

The really great news is, we can find lost to follow up missing participants extremely quickly and with almost no additional work on your part. We have the experience and capabilities to ramp up quickly and complete locating the participants in days not weeks or months. This holds true for locating participants both domestically and internationally.

Locating the maximum number of participants is also directly aligned with enhancing your regulatory compliance with the FDA, EMEA and a wide variety of other agencies and stakeholders.

Our ability to maximize the data from your trial quickly and cost effectively allows everyone involved to benefit, making it unnecessary for even 1-2% of participants to be unaccounted for.

We encourage you to call us today about our completely safe, turn-key solutions to reduce missing data from your clinical trial.

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