Our LTFU Investigation Capabilities

Our clients regularly comment on the great things that we can do for them. Some of the most often conveyed comments about our LTFU investigation capabilities include our flexibility as a solution and our unique capabilities. Here are just a few of those capabilities that translate to immediate value for our clients:

Scalable Services

It can be a trial of 5,000 patients or a trial of one. We have the capability to work with any size population. Our team is constantly engaged in locating large populations of people, often with little information to work with. In short, big groups are not a complication for us. We have the “bench strength” to ramp up quickly and deliver results on time. We are also able to adjust the scale of the services you might require in terms of locating and procuring supporting public record documentation, locating next of kin and other value added services that may be unique to your program.


When a site requires or prefers that the search be conducted from their location or venue of choice, our team is ready to travel. We have experience working directly with site staff and in a monitored environment when that is desired.

Ability to Search 30+ Years Back: A truly unique capability of ours is working with old data sets from the 1990s and even the 1980’s before much information was collected electronically. Our expertise in this area can be extremely valuable to those studies that have patients who become LTFU from those time periods.  Or consider, a truly unique capability that we possess is our proficiency with old data sets.  Going back to the 1980-1990’s for example, information was not collected electronically.  Our expertise in this area is extremely valuable to studies that have patients who became LTFU from this time frame.

Client Directed Rules of Engagement

Because each patient search is unique and the culture and practices of each client are different, we tailor the rules of each search to the exact specification of the client. As your patient search professionals, we will work to advise you on our methodologies and techniques and to make sure that each one meets your satisfaction and approval. If you find that an approach or technique is not suitable, we simply omit that from our engagement. This allows you to ensure the treatment of your data and the patient at every step.

International LTFU Investigation Capability

Working internationally requires a unique capability and knowledge that is very difficult to find in most professional search firms. We at ASG have been engaged in international patient locate investigations for over ten years. We understand how searches can be conducted in over sixty countries, what the limitations of these searches are, and the legality of the searches and the reliability of the records. Beyond understanding, we have direct experience in conducting such searches successfully and responsibly.

Legally Guaranteed Confidentiality

As a Michigan based firm engaged in professional investigations, we offer our clients a unique level of confidentiality. The Michigan law governing professional investigators was written in such a way that it affords our clients with a greater level of confidentiality than even the attorney-client privilege or the doctor-patient privilege offers. This results in a level of protection for our clients that protects your search from state civil, or even criminal subpoena.

As LTFU investigation experts, we are happy to consult with you about your specific patient search needs and to see how we can add value to your study.

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